Will A Mortgage Forbearance Agreement Stop A Pending Foreclosure On My Home

If you’re late on your mortgage payment or if you haven’t been ready to pay your mortgage for several months during a row, your lender may consider foreclosing on your house. Home foreclosures are a significant issue within the past several years thanks to their connection to the housing market collapse, underwater home values, widespread job losses and more.

Your bank may foreclose on you because it wants to chop its losses. It is up to you to convince your bank you merely |that you just”> that you simply are a worthwhile candidate for a mortgage which you simply need time to urge back on your feet before you’ll begin making your mortgage payments fully . If this is the case, you should consider making a mortgage forbearance agreement with your home loan lender.

What Is Mortgage Forbearance

If you have student loans, you know what forbearance is. Essentially, it lets you postpone making mortgage payments while you deal with a sudden traumatic financial event in your life. A mortgage forbearance agreement is essentially an agreement to put your mortgage on hold, and if you can convince a bank that you are good for the money at a future date with documentation about current or future jobs/prospects, you may be able to stop a pending foreclosure on your home.

Before applying for a mortgage forbearance agreement, contact your loan modification lawyer. He will assist you decide if a mortgage forbearance is true for you, if you ought to apply for a loan modification, or if you ought to simply leave your house outright.

Comparing Mortgage Forbearance And Loan Modification

The requirements for forbearance and modification are very similar. You need to possess good credit and powerful payment history, you would like to point out immediate financial need thanks to pay reduction or sudden funeral, medical or other expense, and you need to contact your bank as soon as possible. The difference between the 2 is that mortgage forbearance simply puts your current loan terms on hold whereas loan modification changes the terms completely.

Additionally, while there are government programs to help out with loan modification, you will have to come to the forbearance agreement directly with your bank.

When To Apply For Forbearance And Modification

You should apply for mortgage forbearance if the financial issue is obviously temporary and you can prove that you will be out of the woods within several months, but you should consider a loan modification if the financial issue is more permanent. With regard to the above question of whether forbearance will stop a pending foreclosure, the answer is that it would be best to apply for forbearance before it gets to that point. If you think that you simply can’t make an upcoming mortgage payment, contact your loan modification lawyer immediately to agree on a course of action.