Where Can I Find Divorce Laws In My State

The laws that govern divorce and family law matters are state-specific. There are several places during which an individual can find and research the laws of his state on the subject of divorce. Those locations range from sources of text materials to online data to measure assistance from professionals.

Hard Copy Materials On Divorce Laws

A person seeking to research divorce laws for her state can access copies of these laws at the closest school of law library. The statutes for the state, also because the index and any annotations, amendments and other commentaries, are all found at such libraries. Usually, reference librarians, staff members or students are available who can likely assist with conducting this research. Libraries even have copy machines to form copies of key pages of materials, because the statute books are reference materials not typically in circulation.

In addition, some courthouses have law libraries hospitable the overall public, and such text material are often found there. Local law firms can also have text libraries and should be willing to supply access to such materials.

Online Materials On Divorce Laws

Parties seeking state-specific divorce law information need go no farther than the web . Several websites have listings of every of the 50 states with links to those states’ specific divorce laws. Some of the websites link to state statutes, family courts, divorce-specific reference sites and knowledge sources. The following list may be a good root for conducting online research for divorce information for a specific state:


Also available are online research services and databases that have subscriber fees, like Westlaw® and LexisNexis®. These services are available online if you check in for the research service or at some local school of law or courthouse law libraries. You can found out queries online during a command language to seek out statutory authorities, also as secondary source like reviews, treatises, and commentaries.

Live Assistance From Professionals On Divorce Laws

Lawyers; reference librarians at law firms, courthouse libraries and law schools; and law professors are examples of the types of professionals who may be available by phone, e-mail or in person to deal with questions on divorce laws specific to a particular state’s jurisdiction. These parties could also be ready to provide substantive assistance for free of charge or a fee, or a minimum of direct an individual to other sources for further information.