Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with a crime, this is no time to try to defend yourself. You need the experience of a criminal law attorney at your facet.

With criminal charges unfinished, you’ll need to move through the hiring process of a criminal defense lawyer quickly. To summarize this process, you’ll:

  • Gather the name of 1 or additional criminal attorneys
  • Interview each
  • Select the best criminal law attorney for you

Gathering Names of Criminal Law Attorneys

Getting a number of names of criminal defense lawyers aren’t troublesome. Referrals from trusted sources are best. Ask your friends, family, and acquaintances if they have ever hired a criminal law attorney before and whether they could recommend them to you.

If you’d rather not discuss your recent arrest, your friends came up empty or you just need another name to round out your list, you have a source of referrals right here. offers a service that may connect you with a criminal lawyer in your space.

Choosing a Defense Lawyer for You

After you have interviewed everyone on your list, it is time to select one. Remember, the criminal justice system moves quickly, and you’ll want an attorney representing you as soon as possible so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

Besides the experience and skills a lawyer brings to the table, you should consider a host of attributes that are harder to measure. These include:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Patience with your questions
  • A pleasant temperament, not just for you, but also for the jury if your case goes to trial

If you merely met with one attorney, but the attorney is everything you need, your search is over. If you are torn between 2 or additional lawyers, call some former clients to get some first-hand feedback about what it was like working with their attorneys.

When you have narrowed your list of candidates to the one best criminal law attorney for you, you’re able to proceed together with your case.