Personal injury law book with a gavel, pen and a stethoscope A personal injury claim is something you can file yourself. This is a move typically reserved for mild injuries. Even then, unless you have the time to do research on how to file a claim and go through the process on your own, it’s probably best to avoid this course of action.

A trusted Springfield, IL personal injury attorney can help you file a claim, and it is often more advisable to go this route. Here are a few reasons working with a lawyer after an accident is the better idea:

Fighting a Large Insurance Company

When you’re up against a large insurance company, it’s difficult to win a case and claim your compensation. They have deep pockets that can buy a team of lawyers who know the ins and outs of the type of claim you’re filing. If you have your own personal injury lawyer, you have a better chance.

If you have suffered severe injuries, have lost huge amounts in wages, and are facing mountains of medical bills, then don’t think twice. You definitely need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Long-Term or Permanent Injuries or Disability

Your quality of life may become affected if your injury has effects lasting a year or more, or if they lead to permanent disability. In addition, you may be unable to get meaningful employment, limiting or even eradicating your income. Your attorney can fight for you, so you can receive compensation to at least alleviate your quality of life in some way.

Insurance Refuses to Pay

Sometimes, an insurer will deny that their policyholder is indeed at fault. In this case, the insurance company is likely to refuse to pay. At other times, they will try to wiggle their way out of the situation by offering you an unfair settlement. There’s a chance that they will not offer any settlement at all.

Your lawyer can help provide proof that the insurance company is trying to do a number on you. This can significantly improve your chances of getting a good settlement.

It may be possible to file a claim yourself, but that doesn’t mean it’s your best move. It’s always safer to trust the experience of a reliable personal injury lawyer to increase your likelihood of getting the compensation you deserve.