Mother and her daughter bondingThe custodial parent is the parent who either has sole physical child custody or lives with the child for most of the time. If the court just named you as your child’s custodial parent, you’re naturally wondering what your specific responsibilities are.

In general, here are some essential responsibilities of a custodial parent, as explained by a Boulder’s top child custody lawyer:

1. Keeping the best interests of the child

You should prioritize the needs of your child above yours, your ex, and others. Basically, you need to make certain that you provide your child their basic needs and that they have a stable and secure home environment.

2. Following the court-ordered visitation schedule

Your child should still be able to bond with you as well as the non-custodial parent. This means that you need to stick to the visitation schedule and parenting plan to ensure that your child maintains a strong relationship with your ex.

3. Tracking child support payments

Failing to document child support payments would make it hard for you to get back missed or late support payments if your ex fails to send regular child support.

4. Consulting with the non-custodial parent about crucial matters

If you have a joint custody arrangement, your ex should participate in deciding on major issues that would affect your child, such as religious upbringing, schooling, healthcare, and so forth. If you’re having constant disputes with them, you might have to ree-valuate your specific issues in court.

The main thing to remember is that whether or not you are the custodial parent, your primary responsibility is to care for your child as best as you can. After all, you are still mommy and daddy in your child’s eyes, so you need to co-parent as efficiently as possible for the sake of your child.