Close-up Of Male Lawyer With Arm Crossed Standing In Front Of Book ShelfThe most important person in any legal battle is you – the client. The most successful lawyers and law firms in the United States today are those that put their clients first and work for their benefit. The most important decision to make when you become involved in a legal case is who to choose as your attorney.

Clients as indicators of success

Having an expert New York attorney such as Marc J. Bern & Partners on your side can make the difference between winning and losing. The ability of a lawyer or a firm to win a case is only one of the qualities you should look for.

You must determine their ability to retain client as well. A professional practice is successful if the professionals involved can keep their existing clientele and gain new ones. A firm or professional that loses most of its clients should not be on your list of options.

Quality education

Top lawyers are ruthless in their intent to win. They are analytical but also creative in their problem-solving attempts. A lawyer grows in his or her professional during his legal practice. Nevertheless, you lay down the foundations in law school.

Individually gifted individuals can only fulfill their potential when they are nurtured, and their innate talents developed. In your interview of prospects, take note of their educational pedigree. You want to be represented by no less than the smartest person in the room.

Intent to communicate

On your list of requirements, remember to write down “ability to communicate,” as a must-have quality. Fluency in legalese should not be enough for you. After all, all lawyers resort to that when they discuss cases.

A lawyer that is worth hiring is the one who takes the time to explain relevant terminology and concepts to you.

Finding the right lawyer can be tricky. You must have a list of some important qualities and characteristics if you are to find the best fit for your needs.