Private investigator on a stakeout with cameraHiring a private investigator may seem too much, but one can benefit from it when complex marital issues are present. Sometimes, lawyers also suggest employing a private investigator to protect their clients during a divorce proceeding. Here are the other purposes of getting a private detective:

Identify hidden assets

Many spouses hide assets from their partners when it’s time to divide marital property. A private investigator can determine hidden assets of your ex-spouse by legally checking his/her financial records and bank accounts.

Prove infidelity

If you feel like your spouse is cheating but don’t have the evidence to prove it, a private investigator can help you out. Having proof of your ex-spouse’s infidelity will not only make the divorce process easier but will also make you eligible for receiving spousal support. A private investigator will look at your ex-spouse’s internet communications as well as his/her day-to-day activities.

Assist a custody battle

So you have kids you want to take care of, but the court is leaning to your spouse for custody. This may be a problem, especially if you believe that you are more entitled to child care. A private investigator can help you by gathering evidence that shows your ex-spouse’s inability of handling children. This can be as simple as capturing your former partner driving recklessly with your kids or arriving home intoxicated.

How do I get a private investigator?

Searching for a private investigator can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to look at. According to a family law attorney in Colorado Springs, legal professionals can refer detectives to clients when they see the need for it. Apart from their guaranteed experience, private investigators connected to attorneys have certification as well.

Getting a detective isn’t about violating your ex-partner’s privacy. It’s about keeping you and your children safe during a complicated divorce proceeding. Seek the advice of an attorney in cases like this.