Court Gavel and a LawyerThe workplace is a fertile ground for conflicts. Rather than go to court to solve your dispute, employment mediation is the perfect solution. Mediation is an alternative legal dispute resolution method where a trained mediator will help you communicate and reach an amicable agreement.

Compared to litigation, mediation is less costly, confidential and you get to participate in your dispute resolution. With an employment mediator from the best law firm, you are assured that your decision will be fair to both parties.

Here are the approaches your mediator might use to legally and fairly settle your dispute.

Facilitative Mediation

In this approach, your mediator will only control the mediation process. These include setting ground rules and asking questions to get the real issues and interest of both conflicting parties.

In facilitative mediation, your mediator doesn’t offer suggestions on how to settle your dispute but instead keeps your communication open to enable you to reach an amicable agreement.

Transformative Mediation

This approach helps conflicting parties appreciate each other’s points of view and empower them to handle their conflict amicably.

The mediator offers no solutions to your conflict but instead intervenes at various point of your conversation to point out important issues. Ground rules are set by the disagreeing parties if need be and not the mediator.

Analytical or Evaluative Mediation

In this approach, your mediator will evaluate your conflict and give you alternatives resolutions to it. This is the ideal approach for parties who use mediation to avoid court and are unconcerned about repairing their relationship.

In analytical mediation unlike transformative and facilitative, you can stay in different rooms with the mediator shifting back and forth.

You need not let any conflicts in your workplace dampen your work environment. Regardless of the cause of dispute, there is an ideal approach for you in mediation. Mediation with a lawyer rather than a private mediator is the best since you are well-informed of your legal options in the dispute.