Permanent resident card for USASuppose you met online and fell in love or suppose you married your partner while they were on an immigrant visa in the U.S? What then?

First off, spouses of U.S citizens, their parents, and unmarried children are considered under the Immigration law to be immediate relatives. As such, they are not subject to lengthy backlogs and quota limitations. They can apply to adjust their status to permanence residence.

However, when it comes to a marriage green card in Utah, things are not often as neat. Soon, one finds themselves plagued with concerns that they never imagined possible. For instance, one may have to prove that their marriage was not for the visa. Here are three most commonly asked questions about the subject:

How do I show that my marriage is real?

When applying for an adjustment status for permanent residence, you must convince an immigration officer that your marriage is genuine. You can expect to answer a lot of personal questions that are relevant to proving your marriage is real. It is a good idea to bring your documentation that supports your marriage – things like shared financial holdings and other joint responsibilities.

What if I am illegally in the U.S?

A person who is unlawfully living in the U.S falls into either of two categories under the U.S law. They were either lawfully admitted (but overstayed their lawful status) or they snuck into the country. Individuals who have overstayed can adjust their living situation without having to leave the U.S. Entry without inspection, on the other hand, requires that the individual leave the U.S to apply for an Alien Spouse Immigrant Visa. They could also be barred for a period from entering the U.S.

What documents do I need to apply for a green card marriage?

A marriage based status adjustment requires the couple to present their passport photos and proof of citizenship for the U.S citizen. They also need to bring their marriage certificate. If any of them was previously married, they need to prove that their previous marriage was legally terminated. Additionally, you must be prepared to provide whatever additional documents your immigration officer asks you.

Getting a marriage green card can be a long and tedious process. The length will vary depending on the details of your case. It helps if you have the help of an immigration attorney to speed up the process for you.