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When You’re Worried About the Cost: Things to Consider When Getting Legal Service

It is normal to be cautious about hiring a lawyer to settle legal issues. For most people, it’s because of the cost that it entails. But when you factor in the benefits of getting assistance from a profession...


What All Divorcees Should Know About Divorce Decree Modifications

If your ex-spouse has experienced a “significant change” in his or her circumstances following the final divorce decree, you might have the chance to change some elements of your current arrangement. In gen...


What Are My Responsibilities as the Custodial Parent?

The custodial parent is the parent who either has sole physical child custody or lives with the child for most of the time. If the court just named you as your child’s custodial parent, you’re naturally won...


Easing Stress When Going Through a Divorce

Making the decision to end a relationship can be stressful, especially when it involves engaging in divorce proceedings. The couple may be the primary people involved, but those around them become affected like...

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Avoid These Three Divorce Mistakes at All Costs

A divorce is a stressful process you will have to endure. It is probably the most trying time in your life. This is where you lose someone who has been a great part of your life and your future. During the proc...


A Closer Look at Remortgaging

Change is inevitable, even in mortgages. The changes in time and the market will, one way or another, affect your mortgage rates. This is where the concept of remortgaging enters the picture. Remortgage solici...


Is Your Divorce Going to Trial? 3 Things You Should Know

While it is ideal for divorcing couples to settle issues on their own or with a help of a mediator, this is not applicable for all cases. This is especially true if one party refuses to participate or if both ...


Types of Domestic Litigation Cases

Domestic disputes are the most difficult to resolve, as they involve complicated legal proceedings and trigger a variety of emotions. In Colorado, domestic litigation attorneys have the experience and knowledge...

Simple Checklist and Guide When Choosing a Lawyer

  • November 22, 2017
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The most important person in any legal battle is you – the client. The most successful lawyers and law firms in the United States today are those that put their clients first and work for their benefit. The m...

How to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer

  • November 7, 2017
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The process of choosing a divorce lawyer can be very exhausting and frustrating. Facing a divorce is an emotional roller-coaster ride, and the last thing you can do to lessen the stress is to select the best Lo...