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Married couple with conflicts

Thinking of Divorce: How to End the Marriage

Divorce can be one of the most stressful times that you may experience in your life. This is why the right support and advice is crucial, especially in guiding you through the process and the emotional challeng...


Nature of Traumatic Brain Injury Leading to a Need for Compensation

Accidents occur and sometimes result in a variety of injuries. One such injury is traumatic brain injury (TBI), which has varying definitions according to specialties, events and circumstances. However, legal e...

Friends on a roadtrip

Driving Under the Influence of Friends: Peer Pressure Awareness

According to a paper sponsored by the Transportation Research Board, motor vehicle crashes account for approximately a third of all deaths among 16-19-year-old teenagers. In Oklahoma alone, it is the number ...

Common Types of Deviations in Child Support Cases

  • February 4, 2018
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Divorce is a painful process and more so when children in the picture. Child support awarded by the courts should make your child’s transition as trouble-free as possible. Every state has its regulations on c...


3 Ways To Help Your Friend’s Children Through Divorce

While your friend talks to her divorce attorney, she has left her two kids for you to look after. Though you cannot understand what she’s going through because you’ve never been through a divorce, y...

Legal Tech

Legal Technology: Innovative Legal Services for Business Lawyers

Technological advancements affect almost all aspects of life. Smartphones are becoming everyone’s best friend, and millions of customers look for the most innovative applications and appliances. More and more...

Legal Business Issue

Common Legal Business Issues and How to Avoid Them

Every business owner makes mistakes. Commonly, the period where a business owner makes the most mistakes is when he or she is starting a business. In the early stage of a business, business owners need to make ...